Monday, December 2, 2013

"Crystal Blake" has Moved!

Yep. That's right! My new site: is up and running folks.

Feeling giddy!

We've truly enjoyed our stay at Blogger, (Blogger luv!) but it's time to say goodbye Sound of Music style: 

So long, farewell...
I...uh..something, something
To you and you and you.

Okay, so maybe I should've looked up the lyrics. Oh, wait, how about a little George and Weezie?

We're moving on up!
To a deluxe apartment in the skyyyy!

I unsuccessfully tried to do the redirect thing and until I can do that without cursing at the screen this blog will be around for a little while. So, if you want to catch up on the "re-runs" for a bit, go for it.

BUT, take note:

Going forward, all new content and blog posts will be posted on the new site:

See you over at the new place!

*takes one more look around, smiles, and closes the door*

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