Friday, November 29, 2013

Pretty Inside is Here!

...well, not here on this blog literally. But, it's over at Amazon TODAY, y'all!!!

(Click here for PRETTY INSIDE)

So, excited!!

First time I've felt like I accomplished something. Yes, I graduated from college, but my degree (Finance...don't even ask what I was thinking) doesn't suit me. It's always felt like something I needed to do versus something I was meant to do.

It's like I was looking for something to fit me, something to be proud of, something that screamed, "THIS is what you're supposed to be doing!"

I was searching for my purpose. And that's tough to do when you have no clues to help you.

Did I like writing when I was in school? Eh. Iffy. But, I did get an "A" on my college English research paper.
Did I write poetry and stories when I was a kid? Nope.
Did I make up stories or recreate them and share them with my stuffed animals? Again, no.
Did I say, "When I grow up I want to be a writer!" No.

And yet, somehow,writing feels like home. It's part of my being. It's my purpose. It's me.

Listen to those clues that keep screaming at you, they won't leave you alone for a reason. And if they're not bugging you just yet, don't worry, they will.

Thank you to all who stop by this blog! PRETTY INSIDE is just my beginning.

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