Thursday, November 7, 2013

Just Zip It

I'm walking into Walgreen's at the same time another lady is coming out. I notice her zipper is down. I know I'd want someone to tell me, wouldn't you? Walking around, looking cute-to-def, flashing your polka-dotted's downright embarrassing.

I'm about to be her new BF. She's going to marvel at my courtesy and thank me for saving her hoo-hoo. I stop her by lightly touching her on the arm and say quietly, "Um, your zipper is down." 

"What?" she asks, a little louder than I wanted her to. Dang it! I'm trying to tell you on the QT your underwear is smiling at everyone...shhh!!!! It wasn't going exactly like I thought it would.

I say a little louder, "Your zipper is down." I look down. She looks down.

Her zipper is NOT down.

Countdown to awkwardness...3, 2, 1...

...there it is.

"Oh, gurrrl!" I say and wave my hand around as I beg my feet to move faster. "I thought your zipper was down. Ha, ha, ha!" And I take off.

I steal a glance and see her staring and laughing. I knew she was laughing at me. The look of "What just happened?" on her face totally backs it up.

In my defense, her jeans were giving off some strong unzippy vibes. They had that golden-brown stitching on BOTH sides of the zipper. What kind of sewing trickery is this?

It's weird, right? I thought it was so odd that I zoomed my eyeballs in on my own zipper area. Yep, just like I thought--one sided.

What designer thinks this is wise? You just can't be throwing random stitching around in that area! I've never paid attention to this before, but now I'm curious. Have you seen this before? Please let me know.

In the meantime...this chick ain't saving no more hoo-hoo's!!!

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  1. Those jeans should be banned! Good for you for telling her. You did the right thing, regardless.