Wednesday, October 9, 2013

X-Mom vs Homework

Editing "Pretty Inside"
Working on website

Were these the things I accomplished over the past week...uh, two weeks? Was it two weeks? Sheesh time is flying.

I wish I could say I was diligently working on the above list, but...

Ain't gonna happen. Daily household madness trumped my writing time.

One in particular: Helping The Kid with homework. Uh, hello? I was not aware in the blissful Pre-Homework years that I'd have to go to school again.

X-Mom: "I already went to school one time! I did my time! It's not fair! Why, WHY in the H do I have to do homework again!"

Or, at least that's what it feels like when you're feverishly working on a gazillion math problems until 11 pm. How did that come about? Well, someone decided to wait and do all of her unfinished classwork since the beginning of the school year in one night. I'm not even sure if that's an exaggeration.

X-Mom: Um, excuuuse me. But, haven't you been asking her if she had homework, like, every night? And she said no?!

Clearly homework doesn't apply to unfinished classwork.

So, why did I have the honor of witnessing this mass of homework? The teacher was grading ten pages of it the next day. Ten pages! Yeah.

X-Mom: me up in here adding up all of this stuff like a friggin' Excel spreadsheet! This kid right here...ugh! 

After dismissing the idea of putting her outside with a For Sale sign around her neck and a plate of cookies, I told her she better not EVER come home with that foolishness again!!

X-Mom: Ever, eva-eva-evah! Or, it's going to be Armageddon up in here!

The cherry on top? The next day, she said the teacher told her she wasn't supposed to do some of the pages, yet.

X-Mom: No this little chick didn't! Give me a marker, I've got some sign-making to do!

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