Tuesday, August 6, 2013

X-Mom Adventures: Strep Throat vs. The Blog

One lesson I've quickly learned from this Blogger Challenge (Day 6-High Five, girl!) is don't put things off. You never know what the next day will bring.

I wrote yesterday's post Tiny Speck the night before trying to get ahead. That was the idea, but if you're a parent you know sometimes the kids don't play fair.

Both of my girls woke up sick yesterday morning. The Kid had a pounding headache to the point she was crying. And The Baby was running a fever, but you wouldn't have known it the way she was bouncing around. About an hour later, they reversed roles. The Kid was feeling better after a nap and The Baby crashed.

This is the first time both of them have been sick at the same time--well, The Baby's only 2, so I guess I need to wait a few years before I get that Mommy Sticker.

Different symptoms, same diagnosis. Which ailment got the spotlight? Strep Throat. 

Between running to the pharmacy with two sick kids (twice, because the first time it wasn't ready), administering two different antibiotics because The Baby is allergic to the one The Kid has (the one that goes in the fridge is twice a day, the one that doesn't go in the fridge is once a day), snuggling with a human furnace all day (Mommy hugs are the other antibiotic)...whew! I'm glad I wrote Tiny Speck the night before. If I hadn't, this Mommy would've been huddled in the closet sucking her thumb, refusing to come out until either my blog had some ink on it or the kids were better--whichever one came first.

From now on, I'm blogging ahead. 

And that Strep Throat better not even THINK about getting on me. You don't want none of this X-Mom!


  1. Go go X-Mom! Love the dedication.

  2. We as moms are so strong. Not one but both girls...I've been there. That bug is to afraid to bother you...X-MOM!!!