Monday, August 26, 2013

What Am I Watching?!

Oooo-kay. It's been a looooong time since I've watched the VMA Awards. So maybe this is outside of my demographic. However. Uhhh...

Miley Cyrus!!! Oh. My-lanta! What in the H did I watch?!

Can someone puh-lease (seriously, I'm begging you) explain to me what in the world that was?! Okay, I expected some randomness to be on display (it is MTV and that's cool), but come on! I felt like I was watching some weird Carnival infused Dance of the Teddy Bear Picnic/ "somebody was high when they thought of this nonsense" kind of thing.

And just when I thought my jaw couldn't drop any further, she starts dry-humping a foam finger! (Wait, did you hear that crashing sound? That was all the moms whoever bought anything Hannah Montana for their daughter simultaneously fainting) At that point, my eyeballs screamed and fled from the room, shouting they weren't coming back until I turned the channel. But, I couldn't. I was frozen.

And the whole Twerking thing? *shaking my head* We've been on the "Save the Twerkers" campaign for awhile now and she's on stage acting like she's the Original Twerker. (Not!) And she was PROUD!! Strutting across the stage in some ill-fitting fur mess that looked like she cut up an abused teddy bear and sewed it to her body.

(Sidenote: Still confused why Robin Thicke needed to be involved)

Surely, if she wanted to announce "Hannah Montana is dead!" she could've done it some other kind of way. It wasn't Sensory Overload, it was Sensory Harassment.

And did you happen to notice the audience? Not the fans jumping up and down around the stage, but the celebrities sitting in the crowd. They appeared to be just as stunned and frozen as I was. Even Rihanna, who is known for being risqué, looked confused.

I'm all for artistic expression and originality, but if they had a Moon Man for the "Go Sit Down Somewhere, You Look Goofy as Hell!" category...she'd win.

Some ideas just need to stay ideas.


  1. I still don't know why everyone is stunned. I have seen worse stuff at 40...I'm so jaded. SMH

  2. She really needs to just knock it off, rely on your talent we don't need the shock factor.

  3. I did not watch the MTV awards but when I woke up this morning, I heard about it on a conservative morning show. I will not view the video that is already circulating on YouTube, but I am glad you could put it into words. Wow, Seriously! (As Melissa Harris-Perry would say) Are the music acts so devoid of talent they have to resort to shock treatment. All news is not good news these day! Poor Miley!