Saturday, August 17, 2013

What 17 Days of Blogging Has Showed Me

I can’t believe it—17 days of blogging! Whew, this chick’s brain is ready to pack up and go on vacation. I keep telling her, “We’re almost there.” Eh, she’s the brains of this operation, she knows better.

Okay, yeah. It’s official. I’m cracking. But, before I go completely loco, check out some things I've found out since accepting the 31-Day Blogger Challenge.

(In no particular order)

I will NOT be partaking in any Extreme Blogger challenges such as this one again.
Ahh, the satisfaction of pushing yourself to accomplish something. Special moments. But, not special enough for me to do it again. Been there done that! I don’t need to prove anything to myself (again) in this department.

Insanity is not just for Shaun T.
The closest I’ve come to an Insanity video is watching someone else do it. But, I see the similarities between physical sweating and exhaustion and mental sweating and exhaustion. Both leave you drained and wondering, “What in the world did I just get myself into?”

Reposts are my besties.
At first, I had this silly notion that reposting would be equivalent to cheating. Now? Pfft, whatever. Blogging fresh stuff every day is NOT as easy as it sounds. At some point your brain starts shouting, “I didn’t sign up for this!” Like Hubs told me yesterday, “You made it halfway without needing to repost, I think it’s okay to use a lifeline now.”

I’d like to list more, but my brain is threatening to evict my skull if I list anything else. And since I kind of need her, I think Day 17 is done.

**P.S.—I don’t hate the challenge. Quite the opposite. I was just venting. Day 18…I’ll be waiting for you.

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