Sunday, August 4, 2013

To Delete or Not to Delete?

Have you ever blogged about something/someone that would hit a nerve, forcing you to ask yourself: Delete or not delete?

Yes, I'm the blogger who takes stuff that I see and/or hear and spins it into my own creative web. I loooove good material and my fingers get itchy as my brain says, "Oh, that's good stuff!" 

Well a nugget presented itself and like the good little blogger I am I couldn't resist. However, if someone read it they'd immediately, without a doubt, would know what and who I was talking about. They'd say, "That's me!" And probably would get offended or upset. People don't give a rat's behind about me "expressing my creativity" if they feel it's at their expense.

Even now I'm skirting around how I really, really want to describe the way it went down (and it's such a good one, ugghh!!!).

Imagine, a location where phone reception goes to die, phone battery on E, and a "Sign in" button nowhere to be found, making signing onto my blog impossible. Let's just say this chick was scrambling, sweating, and cursing trying to get the darn post down before it could be seen.

And I'm not too sure the attempt was successful. Eek!

Oh well. Next time, I won't be so descriptive.


*insert evil laugh*


  1. Don't make me come after you!

    Never delete a post. If it's on your heart and you type it, sans typos and incorrectly stated facts (wrong name or dates for example), write on sis!

    There are enough "good little bloggers" on the internets... We need more ballsy ones.