Sunday, August 25, 2013

Spell-Check Baby?

Most parents believe to their cores their kids are special, extraordinary, and magnificent. I'm no exception. When The Baby was 16-months-old she appeared to be weighing in on the smart side. Based on what? Well, nothing actually. It's not like we were going around asking random parents, "Hey! Is your kid counting past 13? Our's is."

At the time, Hubs thought it would be a great idea to introduce her to Your Baby Can Read. Twice a day, for months, she'd watch the 15 minute DVD. There are some flashcards involved in the process, but I don't know what we were supposed to do with them. I guess we needed to look at the DVD Mommy and Daddy Need to Re-Read the Instructions. *ahem* One of us needed to read them for the first time. (Yeah, it was me)

Of course, we thought the DVDs were going to confirm what we already knew (she's super smart) and heighten her intelligence so much she'd be reading Tolstoy by the age of 2. Ok, Tolstoy was going too far, maybe Junie B. Jones was more of a reasonable goal?

Imagine my delight when she picked up a pencil and marked on a piece of paper shortly after watching the DVD. I just knew she was going to write out "baby" or "hi" because after constantly being repeated on the DVDs, something must have stuck. Instead, she proceeded to create some rather amazing artwork. (I know there's a market somewhere for awesome baby scribbles).

I offered some encouragement by holding her little hand and writing out her name.

"M," I said, and she responded with, "I." Had she said what I thought she said? I pressed on.
I said, "L," and she followed with, "A."
I said, "N," but she said nothing. I finished with, "I."
I drew a line under her name while speaking slowly, "Milani."

I was excited. How had she known the letters in her name? At that point, we'd never spelled her name out to her and I don't think anyone else had. I had to see if it was a fluke. I held her little hand and started over again.

"M," I said and she said, "I." My mom-o-meter shot up to Yes, my kid rocks! "L," I continued, but she said nothing. Probably because she was concentrating.
I sang, "A."
She said loud and clear with pride, "9!"

Upon hearing this, my mom-o-meter cracked up laughing, pointed to me and said, "You're an idiot!"

*shrugs* It's Your Baby Can Read not Your Baby Can Spell.

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