Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pick-up Lines to Put Down - The Reply

Yesterday, I talked about lousy pick-up lines and girls don't you wish you could give them a taste of their own medicine? Well, not all of them. Some of them really don't mean any disrespect, they just don't know what to say.

No. I'm talking about the ones who know better. Yeah, the cheaters, the manipulators, the plain old good for nothing kinda guys. They know their throwing crap out there in hopes someone will bite.

Ladies, what if we said stuff like this in return:

Do you have a boyfriend? (Yes) So. You can't have friends?
Oh. My. God. *clap excitingly* I'm sooo glad you said that. Me and Big Daddy have been looking for some new friends. *look him up and down like he's a Snickers* And I think he'd like you! *Whip out your phone* I'll call him right now. Don't worry you can use the safeword if the lube stops working for you.

Damn you fine! You need a real man to show you how a woman should be treated.
Yay, I hope that's you. The doctor just released me yesterday and said I'd be fine as long as I stay on my medication. *Then turn your head as if speaking to someone* Didn't he, Casey? Oh, I'm sorry. Casey this is....I'm sorry what's your name?

Hey! Yo! Come here and let me holla atcha.
Just repeat what he says: Hey! Yo! Come here and let me holla atcha. What's your name, girl? Haha, cute. Funny! Seriously, what's your name? Why are you doing that? Why are you repeating what I say? Yo, what's wrong with you?

If only, right ladies?


  1. LOL. You will definitely cause dudes to leave you alone, runaway even.

    1. Only the smart ones, Breazy. Only the smart ones. Lol

  2. I can't believe you missed the classic, "What's up Shawty".