Saturday, August 24, 2013

No Do-Overs

If I could do it all over again, we sometimes say. Here's my list...

...I'd stay at Norfolk State University instead of dropping out after my freshman year to live in San Diego...with Boyfriend #1. (Looonnng story)

...I'd not let Boyfriend #2 convince me to major in Business Management instead of Fashion Design when I finally went back to school at Virginia Commonwealth University (also his idea). Who incidentally was doing nothing with his degree. Go figure.

...I'd not switch from Business Management to Finance the following year. What was I thinking? I hated math. *rolling my eyes* If I wanted to switch, I should've went back to Fashion Design. Probably would've had a clearer goal and plan on what I wanted to do with myself.

Why these? Because all 3 snowballed into situations I wish I could've avoided. Hindsight and all that jazz. But, if I hadn't walked down those paths, know what I would have missed out on?

in order:

1) Meeting one of my besties at VCU
2) Meeting my daughter
3) Valuable lessons about people and life (boy did I!)
4) Meeting my hubby
5) Meeting my second daughter

6) Discovering writing was my talent and passion. (Had to get my material from somewhere *wink*)

If I could do it all over again...nah, no thanks.

1 comment:

  1. I think having regrets is a waste of time, but I am the Queen of do-overs. I will pack my ish in the trunk of the Cobalt in a minute. Life's short, if you can do things over, do 'em.

    Funny but I wanted to be a fashion designer and majored the first time in merchandising. It was through that I learned I liked writing more. While I'm pleased with my decision, if I wanted to go back and study fashion I shol' would.

    (You can always go back to school for fashion merchandising, or move to NY and learn first hand.)