Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"Marcus, Darling...I Don't Have Any Panties On..."

…yes we see that. Because you have everything but your uterus on display.

Why, WHY, are grown women walking around and letting everything they own hang out for all to see? “Sharing the wealth” should not apply to body parts—well, I guess it depends on who you’re talking to.

I get it that some men zero in on the skin display like a cheetah on a gazelle. (FYI: Not all men are like that, nor do they find your sense of revealment attractive) And some women feel this is the only way they’ll get attention. I don’t care what any woman says, females like attention. (Stop looking sideways…you know you do.)

Attention makes you feel desirable, wanted…sexy. And a drooling man will do a lot for a woman’s ego.

Buuuttt, ladies? Come on. Does your skirt have to hit barely below your cheeks—standing up?! Your skirt is not that short you say? Honey, please. Your hiney and the seat could make an X-Rated movie when you sit down.

And we know the lovely Eartha Kitt said that famous line above in the movie Boomerang to Eddie Murphy's character, Marcus, after they spent a questionable night together.

But, she let him know something he didn't want to know. His face clearly read, "And why did I need to know that?" Same thing women are doing when they're sashaying around in crotch-skimmers. We don't want to know.

And for those who have their stomach, side flab, and back skin rolling out like the red carpet, you look like the letter "S" in a dress. Know what "S" stands for? Spanx. Get some.

I don’t care if you have to wear 2 or 3 layers at one time there is no reason whatsoever for your extra-ness to be in the spotlight. If you're going to wear body-hugging clothes, rolls and bulges are not to be seen. Ain’t no shame in spreading the Girdle Love. If you can suffer through 4-inch-heels declaring war on your feet because you want to “be cute”, then you can suffer the same fate and suck all of your extra bits in.

You can breathe when you get home.

**Sharelle D. Lowery over at www.classyblackgirl.com inspired me to steal, uh--I mean borrow, from her post. Check out what inspired my Day 13 by reading what she has to say on staying classy in your 30's in her post:


  1. I tell you it is so refreshing to see more and more women of class stepping up for decency these days. These are the women we need to highlight, not the twerk show.

  2. This is something many females need to read.