Thursday, August 29, 2013

I (Can't)Quit

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.
--Thomas Edison

I have nothing brewing and stewing in my brain for today's post. But, 29 days in and I just can't allow myself to skip and write nothing. It feels like quitting.

Sure, I could easily say, "Pfft, who cares? It's just one day." Afterall, there's no prize to be won on Day 31. No trophy, no gold medal, no monetary award, no publicity, no free tickets, not even a "31-Day Blogger Challenge Winner" badge for my blog. Nothing.

But, isn't that what writing is about? Think about it. If you're a newbie writer with nothing writerly on your resume other than a sticky note, you're unknown to the writing world.

There is no prize after "The End". There are no agents/publishers beating down your door and blowing up your inbox. There isn't a fanbase camping outside of bookstores. There aren't people hovering over the "Buy" button waiting for your e-book to hit the internet.

You know after "The End" it's just you. And yet, you keep going. You don't quit. Something inside you pushes you to keep pushing. To keep going. To not give up. Just one more word, one more line.   

Day 29 for me feels like I've been running the 1600m and I'm dragging my exhausted body down the final stretch. My brain is coasting on her last bit of creative fumes. She's drained, I'm tired, and yet, we just can't give up.

I didn't go in to this challenge with quitting as an option. Today is no different.

One more word, one more line, "...try just one more time."

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