Friday, August 2, 2013

Going After Different

If you want something different, you have to do something different. You've heard that, right? I finally accepted I needed to branch outside of my usual group of readers (I have like 3 faithful--I think--readers) and really work on getting my stuff out there. Don't get me wrong I love my small reader posse, but that's the problem; thinking small.  

I could wish and imagine that people will magically come to my site and love it so much they'll spread the word like the flu and wham--agents are scrambling to sign me and publishing houses are throwing contracts at me because they all think I've got "it". 

Pfft! I know you never know, but really? Time to change it up.

I joined this wonderfully, fantabulous site for bloggers: and I'm soooo glad i did. It feels so good to have people you've never met read your work AND like it. Within 8 hours of me joining, I had 58 views of my profile, several fellow bloggers visit this site and comment either here or at BBC, and 1 person is even following this blog now. 

58 people may not be astronomical numbers for some blogs, but 58 people now know me and my blog exist. 1 more person thought enough of my blog to follow it. All because I chose to jump into a larger pool than the one I'd been doggy-paddling in.

All because I did something different.


  1. Hello Crystal. Glad to have you as a friend on BBC. Love the blog. Keep doing great work.

  2. Glad I've re-joined. Great to see others who appreciate the art of written expression.