Saturday, August 3, 2013

Acts of Kindness

For the past few months, a portion of the street I take to the babysitter has merged into one lane due to construction. You know how it goes, people block the intersection of side streets, won't let anyone get in front of them. The usual traffic nonsense.

As cars inched forward I saw an empty school bus trying to pull onto the street and you know no one was going to let the guy in. I stopped and let him get in front of me and probably irritated quite a few people in the process.

But come on. Traffic was already moving at turtle-speed, what was the harm in letting the bus in? He was simply trying to get to wherever he had to go just like the rest of us. He just happened to be doing it in a vehicle the size of a building.

He gave me the "Thank you" wave and eased in front of me. He crawled along, waving his hand out of the window until I realized he was signaling for me to go around him. I was a bit confused and thought: Why would he pull out just to let me in front of him? 

I shrugged and pulled around, thanking him as I passed. I thought maybe it was something wrong with the bus or maybe he just wanted to pull over and let people pass. The stream of cars stretched pretty far back.

I looked in the rear view mirror to see if he had let anyone else get in front of him (answer: no) when I saw the infamous blinking red lights and Stop sign swinging out. I looked over and there waiting on the sidewalk of the neighborhood elementary school was a line of kids, maybe about 20 or so.

I zoomed on my way as the loooong line of drivers behind him waited for the loooong line of eager, bouncy kids to board. Wow, I thought to myself, thanks Mr. Bus Driver!
I guess a little act of kindness does go a long way.

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  1. You Go Girl! You never know where an act of kindness will lead you! You describe traffic, especially while in construction, to a T! So the people that were mad probably got even madder as they continued to wait! I hope this made your day! God Bless You and Happy Blogging!