Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Toy Love

Every woman should have a battery-operated toy…

My love is on fire for you
A heat only you can tame
7-inches of smoothness
Burn me with your flame

You’re deliciously addictive
My mind says enough, no more
But, it gives in to the sensation
The stimulation it adores

So much pleasure you bring
From the flip of your switch
I escape somewhere erotic
And you become my…fix

My hands move softly
And the anticipation builds
So good right there
I greedily take my fill

I’m hungry and ready
My fingers glide, stroke, and claim
I’m consumed with release
Again and again…lost in your game

I’m beguiled like Eve in Eden
Hexed by a thing shiny and sleek
Entranced by what it can do
Damn...the Kindle Fire has me weak


  1. Haha, you definitely know how to paint a picture and piss on it with the ending. This was entertaining.

    http://nicholiovich.wordpress.com/ is where you can find me.

  2. Wow. That was HOT. And funny. :)