Monday, September 10, 2012

Dirty Hairy

I had dyed my hair weeks ago (please see previous post Hue Done It). To tone The Red my stylist put a darker red over it and the result was something I could deal with, not exactly love, but tolerate. Anyway, I’ve been getting relaxers since the 6th grade and it was time for a touch-up.

She gave me a treatment after rinsing out the relaxer like she always does, only to realize that a large patch of my hair (about the size of a large egg) was missing from the back. A pinch more and I would have been rocking a bald spot. My hair and my stylist have had a personal relationship for 10 years. Even she was confused. Especially, since she’s been dying/highlighting my hair blonde for years with no adverse reactions, not even a little. My hair is strong. Usually, she said, that type of breakage comes from blonde dye and other chemicals not getting along. Red, for the most part, behaves.

My conclusion? My hair was as abhorrent about The Red as I was and chose to violently show its disgust the only way it knew how. Fight or flight, it chose the latter. The only way to rectify the situation while maintaining cuteness was to chop it. So, I walked in for a touch up and came out with a Pixie cut.

Numerous times I had said The Red would be cute on a Pixie (I even said it in the previous post), I guess my hair took it literally. My stylist was visibly upset and practically in tears, plus my hair was almost to the middle of my back. Me?  I saw it as a situation that could be fixed. Plus, she’s not “scissor-happy” and if she said it had to be cut, then it had to be done.

As we thumbed through books looking for a cut, she jokingly said, “The blonde didn’t like the red and said it had to go.” Hmm...I had a thought. I rolled my eyes up to see what Style Duchess was doing. I figured after The Red and The Pixie she’d be ready for therapy. Instead, I found her twirling a pair of scissors around her finger. She looked me dead in the eye and asked, "Do you feel lucky?"

Touche Style Duchess, Touche.

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