Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Cup Runneth Over...Not!

I knew they'd show up
And they did one day
Hadn't seen them in years
I had hoped they'd stay

Their visit was longer
Much longer than before
This was a good sign
This time I was sure

Oh, how she fooled me
Thought we were in it together
She knew all along
Again our bond she'd sever

She made them so needy
With their relentless wanting
At times it was too much
The task forever daunting

I was going crazy
Delirious beyond sight
For that I was entitled
I had earned my right

Could have left me with a little
For all that hard work I put in
They were mine to keep
Why the trickery again?

I found my answer
Buried deep in my armoire
I saw it one day
While digging for a bra

It was inside a D-cup
I'd never noticed it before
Don't know why it was there
I wore that size no more

It was a note from Mother Nature
That cow!  I cursed and gave it The Finger
While the words cackled and mocked,
"Breastfeeding Boobs:  Return to Sender"

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