Friday, January 6, 2012


Some of you may/may not know that I've completed my first novel and it's waiting patiently to begin the next phase of its life...finding an agent.  I've already pitched to two who expressed interest, but the trail kind of faded.  But, plenty of more shopping days to go.  Anyway, I realized I've never posted any of my "work" on this site.  Below is a blurb for my novel titled Troubletini.

Monroe Ryan, a self-proclaimed fashion planner--and shoe junkie!--thought a typical girls' weekend in Vegas with her best friend, would be, well...typical. A few weeks later a Nevada state marriage license stating she is Mrs. Aaron Davis proves how wrong she was. Unfortunately, all she can remember is downing a truckload of cocktails and...actually, that's pretty much it. Declaring her drunken love to a complete stranger was definitely not part of the plan.

Tracking down Mr. Davis becomes Monroe's mission. But, the GPS leads her to Nick, the sexy stranger with eyegasmic eyes who rescued her earlier that day, and not Aaron. Shocked and confused she can't help but wonder what went wrong.  An awkward night of pills and wine nixes her odds of getting any answers. Not to mention her chance of offering an explanation to Nick, even if it was so stretchy it would make a pair of Spanx cringe.

As she struggles to find answers she convinces herself to keep Nick in the dark for as long as it takes to find Aaron. If she can keep the intense sparks between them at a simmer--and if his eyes would stop flirting with hers--she may be able to keep her crumbling plan stable for a little longer. What Monroe doesn't know is that Nick plays more of a role in her plan then she thinks. And when an unexpected hitch adds another flavor to her cocktail of trouble she wonders if the truth itself is a little tipsy.

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