Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm Googlin' Baby

I’d like to thank the Academy of Newbie Blogs for nominating me for the “Finally Getting on Google” award. Thank you to the hundreds of other sites/blogs (it was like 32…but who’s really counting) where I left my link and you were curious enough to follow it. Thanks to all my girls (and the hot guy) living in the condo upstairs for being my muses. And finally, thank you to my faithful followers (all 3 of you). If you had not religiously stalked me over the past month I’d still be outside waiting to get in Club Google. Actually, I’m just hanging out at the bar waiting for someone to ask me to dance while wishing I was in the VIP section, but hey, I’m in the building baby! So, I’ll take my Google pass however it comes. This is a prestigious honor to have and I’m truly flattered.

Of course “Crystal” can virtually mean anything on the Web and throwing “Blake” in the mix gives me 8,970,000 hits. Let me tell you, I have a pretty impressive resume. I’m a photographer, I sang vocals on Young MC’s “Bust a Move”, I’m a character in Stephen Bly’s books, and I’m someone’s “mummy” in the UK. Yeah…I’m a bad chick.

But, I had to be a little more specific if I wanted to find myself under the “author” fedora. I entered my name every way possible (Crystal Blake blog, Crystal Blake blogspot,, Crystal Blake author, Crystal Blake Mighty Chicks, etc.) to see what came up and high-fived myself while laughing like the Wicked Witch of the West. But, I did it with great humility.

I’m taking my award—which is not so much of an award as it is a button—and pinning it to my shirt. The button looks a lot like a cut-out hot pink star glued to a safety pin, with the words “Google Me” written in silver. Hmm…I wonder who did that. **wink** Anyway, I’ll wear it with pride as I continue to leave my moxie dust—I’m not a pixie, so a girl has to improvise—across the Web.

Ooo, I’ve got to run…a waiter just walked by with a bottle of champagne for me. It has my name on it and everything!  Wait.  They spelled it wrong…eh, it happens.

So, a big thanks and smooches to you all!

P.S.—Google Me!

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